Visit Montezuma

There is a great amount of adventure fun waiting for you in Montezuma and the surrounding areas. From the WATERFALLS, to CANOPY tours, to SURFING Playa Grande and Playa Los Cedros, to SUNNING yourself on Playa Montezuma, to ocean FISHING, to seeing the splendor of Cabo Blanco nature reserve, to seeing MONKEYS and GIANT lizard-type creatures, to BOATING to Jaco or Manuel Antonio, to DANCING it up at REGGAE night at CHICO’S BAR, to hanging with CRABS, TURTLES, TICOS, and TOURISTS, to MILLING with cows (OXEN), Montezuma has enough to keep you occupied during your vacation. Check out these local tour companies for more options and pricing. Find a place to stay during your visit to MONTEZUMA or find the best real estate and STAY for longer.